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Professional Tree Trimming & Removal Services across Gwent

We have the right tree surgeons to help you, no matter if you are looking for tree pruning, tree crown removal, hedge trimming or tree removal. They are experts in many tree services and can answer all your questions. They can assist with:

Crown Reduction, Lifting And Thinning

tree crown reduction MonmouthThis is crucial to protect the health of your trees, prevent decay and tidy up any areas that have outgrown the property. You must keep your trees within your boundaries and do not allow them to invade into neighbouring areas. Otherwise it can result in costly repairs later on for you and your neighbours. Crown maintenance should be done regularly and as often as possible. It is cheaper than having to remove or repair a structure that was damaged by outgrowth from your tree. Trees will always find new ways to grow, so it’s best to encourage them to grow upwards.

The proximity of your tree to nearby structures, power and telephone lines can make it more difficult for you to be able to complete the job. It can also be difficult to reach higher branches depending on how large your trees are.

These are the main reasons we don’t recommend that you try to remove any branches by yourself. A ladder propped against a tree can be dangerously unstable. Or, cutting the wrong branch can cause damage to power or telephone lines.

tree pollarding MonmouthTree pollarding involves the removal of branches down to the tree trunk. It allows the tree to grow in a dense mass which makes it healthy and beautiful.

  • It can help you revitalise your garden.
  • Provides healthy tree growth|Promotes healthy tree growth|Supports healthy tree growth|Helps to ensure healthy tree growth}
  • You get more space
  • It creates more foliage lower down on the tree.

This service is more difficult than you may think. You will need to follow a strict procedure. To do this job properly, it takes a lot of experience.

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Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming can be a simple way to make your garden look great. But, done badly, it can also cause you to wonder if the house is abandoned.

It is possible to transform an ugly boundary into a beautiful garden. You can transform your ugly hedge into a welcoming garden by hiring tree contractors to trim it for you.

Tree Felling And Removal

Monmouth Commercial Tree RemovalOften a tree reaches a stage where pruning and trimming it really are not adequate and it no longer fits in with your gardens design or it eventually is diseased or damaged and it is then necessary to have it taken out before it causes unknown damage to your home or harms someone. A number of the main causes for tree removal are:

  • The foliage of the tree has lost its aesthetic appeal thanks to problems, or bugs damaging its limbs and leaves.
  • Leaves, limbs, branches have grown too near to your home or office and are now stopping the sun light from entering your office or home, and leading to moisture build up on the wall surfaces and roof as a result of blocking the sun from them.
  • The tree has been battered by a windstorm and suffered a bit of structural weakness. The tree can now cause damage to your home or wound someone duee to falling limbs or it could totally tip over, resulting in more serious damage.
  • You are planning to modify the landcaping appearances of your home and the existing tree doesn’t fit in with the design of your new garden.
  • The tree’s roots are beginning to present a danger to your home’s foundation or to the underground water pipes.

Tree Protection Orders

Without the appropriate equipment and experience, tree felling can be dangerous work. You may also need to have permission depending on where your home is. Because our tree surgeons have been working with trees for many years, they are familiar with all the legal requirements of tree removal. They also keep up-to-date on any new legislation. 

It can be tricky to obtain a license for a tree to be removed from your property. The best way to obtain a license is through the help of our tree surgeons.

They are happy to discuss your options and determine if a particular service is possible.

Cutting Down The Tree On Your Own

tree dismantling MonmouthSometimes people that have a tree which they need getting rid of give it a try to chop down the tree themselves or they choose untrained tree contractors. Tree clearing is a complex and potentially hazardous job and much more than just chopping a V into the trunk in the way that you need the tree to drop. Among many other factors an arborist definitely will take note of the shape and weight distribution of the tree. In a reasonably open area, it maybe as easy as a straightforward drop, but a great deal of the time cutting down a tree might require dismantling the tree in sections and working with ropes or a crane to take down the bits to the floor carefully as they are cut down. It must only be done by fully qualified tree surgeons Monmouth. A few other reasons why you should really only employ qualified tree surgeons include:

  • If the roots aren’t cleared away correctly then your tree could regrow again.
  • Old tree stumps which haven’t been taken away effectively are not simply an eyesore they are additionally potentially dangerous.
  • Our tree surgeons know exactly how to use most up to date equipment to assist them climb and get access to difficult regions.
  • Making use of the inappropriate resources or methods while disassembling a tree is able to lead to untold damages to your home or maybe badly hurt or injure someone.

When you have a tree which can’t be saved, it has become afflicted or diseased, or it simply doesn’t go with the plans for your garden then you need a fully qualified and experienced tree surgeon to fell the tree for you.  One who is equipped to quickly and carefully remove trees of any size.

They can provide care and maintenance for your trees, remove old stumps, and even take down fallen trees.

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Tree Stump Grinding & Removal|Tree Stump Grinding/Removal}

stump grinder in action MonmouthTree stump grinding and removal refers to the process of removing any stump left over from a tree that has been felled. Because it is an entirely different process, the stump must be removed separately from the tree

Properly removing a tree stump requires specialised machinery to grind out the stump and the remaining roots. The stump may not need to be completely removed it can be treated to prevent infection or regrowth.

Storm Damage Tree Removal

storm damaged tree Monmouth

We recommend that you contact a professional tree surgeon to help you with any fallen trees or trees damaged from storms or lightening. It is very dangerous for non-trained people to try and deal with a fallen tree, as there are many objects that could be trapped underneath or around the tree, as well as any live power lines. The tree surgeons are skilled in clearing out any tree damage.

Tree Bracing

Tree bracing supports trees that are too young, too weak or have grown in an erratic direction to grow well by themselves. This can save the tree. There are simple bracing options, such as wires or wooden supports. We use them depending on what the tree needs. We always have an alternative method, which we pick for each situation, regardless of whether it’s a young sapling or an older oak.

Tree Surgeons in Monmouth know how to look for weaknesses and support your trees health and growth by using a variety techniques.

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